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First ever hot brazilian guy

I have been an admirer of Brazilian boys for a very long time. I think Brazilian lads are among some of the most gorgeous in the world.

I remember my first ever experience with a Brazilian boy very well. I had just arrived in Brazil and my friend was meeting me at the airport.. Knowing he does not drive, I expected to see him in a taxi, but I was not prepared for what met my eyes…

He arrived in a car belonging to a friend of his which was being driven by the cutest 19 year old Brazilian lad I had seen…(up to that point in my life!)

Not knowing the ‘score’, I tried to keep my eyes inside my head and we got back to my friends house… There were lads all over the place busy cleaning and preparing for a party! Some real cuties…

After taking my suitcase upstairs to my room, I joined everyone downstairs for a beer and met some of my mates older gay Brazilian friends…..

Obviously, soon the conversation got around to Brazilian boys…

“So, what do you like?” they asked me. I must have looked confused… Where I had come from in Europe, the choices were getting severely limited to say the least… You often take what you can get.

“Active? Passive? Slim? Muscles? Kisses? Rims? Big cock? Small cock?” they persisted..

OH MY GOD! I have died and landed in heaven I thought…

They explained that anything was available here… I only had to say, but unless I did, they would not know what to arrange for me..

Being British, my natural reserve came through and I must have gone bright red.. I was not used to being able to order my very own perfect sex-god like a pizza.. “and do you want anchovies on that?”

I shyly demurred at that point and changed the subject… saying I was a little tired after my long flight…give me time etc…

I confessed later to my friend that the one I was REALLY keen on was the first boy I had seen…the one who came with him to collect me from the airport.. Was he ‘with’ anyone I asked?

“Oh, you mean Junior” (Oscaris a very popular nickname here).. “No, he’s not ‘with’ anyone”..

“Do you think he’d……?” I asked.

“Of course! Let me speak to him..”

I had my heart in my mouth as my friend went over to chat to him… I saw Oscarlook my way across the room and flash me the cutest sweet smile… I was as nervous as a virgin teenager about to go on his first date.

“Yes of course… It’s no problem!” my friend said when he returned to me… “consider him my present to welcome you to Brazil” …

OH MY GOD…. This IS heaven!

After casting sly glances across the room all evening, it was finally time to retire to the bedroom…with Junior.

Although I do not speak any Portuguese, and Oscardoes not speak any English, I found that as ever, the language of love is universal. Google translate is also useful on my laptop and I learnt from him that he was 19, and lived at home with his parents. He did not have a girlfriend at the moment, but he lost his virginity at the age of THIRTEEN with a prostitute in one of Brazil’s many ‘love hotels’. He had been busy fucking as many women as he could ever since!

Oscarshowered first, then came out wearing a white towel which only served to show off his beautiful Brazilian skin even more..

I took my own shower, then wrapped a towel around me before returning to the bedroom like a blushing bride on her wedding night.

Oscarwas laid on the bed with his towel already open and showing the most incredibly hard cock… obviously well ready for action.

I laid beside him and gently stroked his chest, letting my fingers travel lightly down his stomach before circling his cock. OMG, was this boy HARD!

I gave him a couple of strokes and leaned down to kiss his nipple, lapping it gently with my tongue.. I heard him breathe out loudly… I started my descent, kissing my way along his stomach until I found the prize I sought… 7 inches of slim, rock-hard Brazilian cock awaited me… I took him into my mouth and tasted my first ever Brazilian straightboy meat… I concentrated on giving him my best blow-job and really made a meal of his dick.. I knew that this was a milestone for me… The first Brazilian boy of many…

I moved down and caressed his balls with my tongue… he seemed to enjoy this and opened his legs to give me easier access.. Softly sighing.. I took one of his balls into my mouth and really lavished them both with tender tongue strokes.

Returning to his cock, I went down on it and took as much of him into my mouth as I could… I licked his helmet and wondered just how many girls he had filled with this over the last four years?

At this point, Oscarclearly had his own agenda and was desperately in need… He moved my mouth off his cock and got up on his knees on the bed. Reaching for a condom from the bedside table, he started to unroll it along his cock before applying some lube and stroking himself…

I turned over to lay on my front eager to loose my Brazilian-Boy virginity.

I felt Oscarlay on top of my back and his hard cock go between my cheeks. He reached down between us and positioned his cock ready for it’s penetration.

Feeling his cockhead at the entrance to my arse, I relaxed as much as possible. I felt him apply pressure and start to enter me. Juniors gorgeous cock felt incredible as he took my Brazilian boy-cherry. It was incredible as he slowly kept up the pressure until he was fully in me.

Resting slightly, he started to slowly pump me… I was panting and gasping like a virgin girl taking her first boys cock…

After slowly pumping into me for a few minutes, I felt Oscar lift up and withdraw himself from me, he started to get off the bed… I was disappointed and confused.. What was wrong?

I looked around to say something, but felt him grasp my ankles and pull me downwards until my legs were off the end of the bed and I was bent over the foot of the bed with my tail in the air allowing him easy access..

He was immediately straight back into me and started to pump much faster.. This new position allowed him an ever deeper penetration and it was incredible… His cock felt even bigger now massaging my insides and gliding across my prostate with every thrust.

He laid across my back, wrapped his arms under my shoulders and really started to thrust into me fast… I was now truly this Brazilian boys bitch!

Feeling myself held-down on the bed, being pounded by this hot straight Brazilian boy, I lost it myself at that point., his intense fucking triggered an incredible orgasm in my, my arse spasming and gripping his thrusting cock even tighter..

Oscargave a few more thrusts before pushing into me really hard and holding himself as deeply as he could inside me… I could feel his cock spasming in my arse as he came himself… I reflected at that moment that although many girls had felt this straightboy shooting into them, tonight was MY TURN!

We fell asleep next to each other, me gently stroking his chest and marvelling at the incredible experience I had just had… This straightboy doing to me what he normally only does to girls… This lad certainly knew how to make love…he was MADE for it…

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