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Cmnm training of badboy player Charlie

The experienced clothed managers at CMNM are concerned that badboy player Charlie might have something lodged up his ass. With millions invested in this athlete they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure his quick recovery even if that means sliding their bare fingers up his hole to explore his anal cavity. Pinned fully naked between the controlling men Charlie can only stare dumbly as his sphincter is invaded by his superiors. It’s all the more humiliating for the sporty lad listening to the men making comments about his virgin asshole.

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Glass dildo in virgin gay asshole. New cmnm anal video

Aspiring model Mike is now in quite a different position from when he first arrived at CMNM. Naked and bent over with his bare ass spread for the whole world to see this ambitious lad obediently offers his body to the commanding wealthy older men. When a finger is slid up his tight asshole it surprisingly produces a very stiff erection. The pain and embarrassment he feels from having his ass invaded is compounded by having his big stiffy edged to the point where he’s desperate to have his balls emptied.