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Behold gay hazing college initiation

These college freshmen students are very young and immature. They think that the fact they attend this college is most important, and they are in. But to be absolutely in, they have to go through the procedure of initiation. They have no idea what it is but older guys take their time and explain those youngsters what they will go through in order to become a real college student. Gay hazing college initiation – that is what those guys prepared for the newcomers no matter if the want it or not. You can b hold one of the guys – absolutely nude, he is attached to the chair, his hands are taped and his mouth has a gag inside it to make sure he won’t scream. But before that they fucked him really hard in his virgin asshole and made him suck a couple of cocks. At first he resisted but then he began to like it, enjoying all the charms of older guys.

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