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Teen boy first time gay blowjob

Gary just loves cock. That’s the first thing he said to us as we met him for the first time. He loves the feel of the hard flesh running in and out of his hot mouth. He likes tonguing it, biting it gently, and most of all, feeling it pulse as it shoots it’s hot jizz all in his mouth. As far as dick-hungry gay twinks go, Gary is right up there on top of the slutty list. He says he once sucked a guy off on the train, with people all around him. That’s how much this guy loves cock. And today, he’s gonna get a pretty big one – mine! Yup, Gary was so hot and heavy for some instant dick we didn’t get a chance to invite someone else to suck. So, me being a firm believer that the show must go on, offered my own. Gary didn’t seem to mind. So the two of us went at it.

I set up the cameras all around us, got us naked, and got the ball rolling so to speak. Almost instantly, Gary took my already-hard cock and began to tongue it gently. His smooth twink mouth was warm and nicely damp. He didn’t slobber my dick with too much spit which made me feel the roughness of his tongue which felt good on my cock head. When he put my whole cock head in his mouth, he sucked at it gently like a lollipop – I know it’s a cliched description, but he did it so well – that made me almost nut right then. But like I said, Gary knew what he was doing, and he was enjoying my cock just a bit too much, so he didn’t let me just yet.

Soon after, he was licking that soft sensitive area beneath my pee hole. His tongue was strong enough to apply just the right pressure to give me shudders. After a few licks, he went for the full shaft, burying it whole in his mouth and down his throat. Man, this twink is good! He went on sucking me off for a few more minutes until I couldn’t take it no longer. I had to bust a nut, and he allowed me to do just that. I came hard all over his chin, and even hitting his chest. I spasmed like I hadn’t in a long time as he tightened his grip on my cock head as I came. When it was over, he playfully tongued the cum on my cock, giving me a look as I snapped his cum-covered face with my digital camera. An awesome gay twink who is amazing at oral sex. I have the best job in the world. If you wanna see more of Gary and this hot vid, head on over here.