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Gay teen twink first time blowjob action

Lance has just turned 18. Like 3 days ago. His birthday wish? For his Uncle to take him to do a porn video. True story. Apparently this freshly-legal horny twink is something of a naughty boy who always had the hots for his gay Uncle, but due to laws and all that shit couldn’t get it on with him. Well, when the day came, he asked his uncle if he could do their first time cock-sucking on camera, something his Uncle was more than happy to do. So they contacted us and was all set for their porn debut.

You could tell these two have a good relationship. The whole time they were horsing around and were in high spirits – a refreshing change from the usual nervous models we get here. Lance wanted some Uncle Cock, so he unbuttoned his jeans and went for the family jewels. With a bit of licking, he found his way down to his Uncle’s cock, which was pretty impressive if I must say. Lance obviously liked what he saw, because he went for the dick with so much ferocity I thought he was gonna bite the whole thing off.

I don’t know where Lance learned to suck cock like that, but he looked like such a pro doing it. Fitting the whole thing in his mouth as far as it could go without gagging, he kept on shoving his Uncle’s cock in his mouth without even flinching. He must’ve practiced on bananas or something. He wanted to give us a better view so he lifted his arm so our cameras could capture every inch of the cock going in his mouth. His Uncle reached over and stretched his mouth the give a better point of entry for his huge dick. Pretty soon, he was face-fucking his nephew fast and hard, something Lance seemed to really enjoy.

As his Uncle was close to cumming, Lance wanted us to see just how much cum he sucked out of his Uncle’s dick. So he laid down and let his Uncle jack off on his face. Soon, ribbons of jizz were streaming from the cock all over Lance’s face. He tried to catch some of it in his open mouth, but it was just shooting everywhere, making a sticky hot mess of Lance’s twink face. I almost shot a load myself seeing this. Lance and his innocent face, covered in spunk that came from his Uncle. I’m jizzing just writing about this. This was really one of the hottest suck sessions we’ve had here, and it certainly won’t be the last. So for more hot oral twink action, head on over to Teen Gay Dvd site.